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How long have you supported Fairtrade?

For example: buying Fairtrade products, campaigning in your local area, signing a petition or telling your friends about it.

How do you do most of your food shopping? *

 Where do you most frequently do your food shopping? *

Please choose just one

Where else do your food shopping? *

Have you bought a coffee or tea from any of the following places in the past 6 months? *

Please choose all that apply.

Thinking about the products you buy (Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade), which of these statements do you agree with: *

How important do you think it is for businesses to think about the following, when making and selling the things that we buy*:

Supporting farmers in the UK

Animal welfare (e.g. free range)

Reducing packaging

Supporting farmers abroad


Who do you think is most responsible for making sure the things we buy are environmentally friendly or ethically made? *

Please choose just one answer.

Where do you mainly get your news from? *

Please choose just one.

Who do you mostly get your news from? *

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Have you done any of the following in the past 6 months? *

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When you share, forward or recommend things online, do you usually: *

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How much do you agree with the following statements*:

Fairtrade is a simple, straightforward way for me to make a difference

I would like to buy more Fairtrade products than I do

Fairtrade is a low priority for me compared with a lot of other things when I'm shopping

I could confidently explain Fairtrade to someone else

Fairtrade is a key consideration in all my buying decisions

I  trust Fairtrade less because they work with big companies

Do you think that the following statements about Fairtrade are true or false? *

The Fairtrade Mark is the UK’s most trusted ethical label

The Fairtrade Mark is the UK’s most easily identified ethical label

Fairtrade farmers and workers get to decide how to spend their Fairtrade Premium (the extra money they get on top of what they’re paid for their crops)

Fairtrade means that the supply chain has been checked by an independent organisation

Fairtrade is 50% owned by farmers

Thinking about the charities and causes you support, please select the statements below that apply to you: *

When it comes to what you eat, do you identify as any of the following? *

Please choose just one answer.

And finally, would you mind telling us which age bracket you fall into? *

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